lundi 18 mars 2019

Star Wars Légion : Impression 3D

Voici donc une impression 3D socle et Figurine.
Un petite peinture pour avoir un idée du rendu.

un petit visuel

luke hermit

dimanche 10 mars 2019

mercredi 6 mars 2019

Munchkin W40K

Bientot en vente, la variante 40k d'un monstre du jeu de carte
La charte graphique se rapproche du jeu originel
Et dans ce lot de trois, une spéciale "Roro"    (joke inside)

samedi 2 mars 2019

ShadowSpear: Quelques Leaks

Quelques photos d'unités de la futur nouvelle boite : ShadowSpear 

Maj: 03/03/2019



Un copier-coller des sources anglaises:

Rules for Shadowsword units.
Hey there everybody! So I got to look at the rules for Shadowspear early. I don't want to post the actual pictures of the rules, as to not trace them back to my source that sent them to me, but I do have some info.
Chaos side :
1 Master of possession (HQ) : Basically just a sorceror that knows 2 powers. Has 5++ save for being daemonkin
2 Greater possessed (Elite) : squads of 1-2, can separate after deploying together. S5, T5, W5, A5, give +1S to all friendly <Mark of Chaos> <Legion> Daemon units within 6".
1 Squad of Chaos Space Marines (Troops) : 1 champion with axe, 4 with bolters, 3 with chainsword and bolt pistols, 1 with plasma gun, 1 with autocannon. No ability to switch out what's in there, so I assume they're monopose. The heavy bolter rumor picture might actually be for havocs? Not sure.
Obliterators (Heavy Support) : T5 now with 4 wounds. Fleshmetal guns are the same stats, but now have 6 shots instead of 4. They also now have Crushing Fists. S+1, AP-1, D3 damage. I assume there will be 3, since squad size is still 3.
1 Venomcrawler (Heavy Support) : 10 wounds, S6 (goes down to 5 and 4 per bracket). Armed with Excruciator Cannon (Assault D3, S+2, AP-2, D3 damage) and Eviscerating Claws (S+2, AP-3 and 3 damage), as well as Soulflayer Tendrils (S user, AP-2, 2 damage, does 2 additional attacks with this weapon). Blows up on a 5 and adds 1 to daemonic summoning rolls for Master of Possession within 6".
Space Marines :
Librarian in Phobos Armour (HQ) : Librarian that can set up anywhere more than 9" away from enemy deployment zone and models. Also has a camo cloak, which adds 2 to saving throws in cover.
Captain in Phobos Armour (HQ) : Same as Librarian, but is a captain. Armed with Master-Crafted Instigator Bolt-Carbine (what a mouthful). S4, AP-2, 2 damage, can target characters even if they're not the closest. Has combat knife too, same as Reivers.
Lieutenant in Phobos Armour (HQ) : Same as above. Has Master-Crafted Occulus Bolt Carbine, S4, AP0, D2, units don't get cover saves against it. Also has combat knife.
Eliminator Squad (Heavy Support) : Squad of 3 . They have bolt sniper rifles, two different ammo types. Both are heavy 1, 36" and S4. Executionner rounds are AP-2, D3 damage and rolls of 6 do mortal wounds. Mortis rounds are AP-1, 1 damage, can target units that aren't visible, they don't get cover and add 2(!) to hit rolls with these rounds. Also have the abilities of the librarian.
Infiltrator Squads (Troops) : Squad of 5, can have up to 10 with an Infiltrator Helix Adept. Armed with Marksman Bolt Carbine, Rapid Fire 1, S4, AP0, 1 damage. Each unmodified hit of 6 does an instant hit and wound. Helix Adept is basically an apothecary, it can heal or revive a model from the unit.
Suppressor Squad (Fast Attack) : Squad of 3, can deep strike with the grav-chutes. 12" movement. They have Accelerator Autocannons, heavy 2, S7, AP-2, 2 damage. Also, when they kill a model in a unit, that unit can't shoot until the end of the turn (so I guess it cancels out overwatch?).
That's all I have. I can give more specifics if anybody likes for statlines. I don't have points values, I'm afraid, but I do have power levels.
EDIT : Title is supposed to say Shadowspear, not Shadowsword. My bad.
EDIT 2 : Just noticed, Fleshmetal weapons are Assault 6, not Assault 4!
EDIT 3 : My source was really insistent on me not sharing pictures, to not trace it back to them. But I convinced them to let me share the pic of the Chaos Space Marines datasheet (the most boring one, I know). But here it is! *Now includes Suppressor datasheet, because they're awesome.

Ensuite quelques points des unités:

  • Master of Possession : 5 power
  • Greater Possessed : 4 power, +4 for the second one
  • Obliterators : 6 power for 1, +6 for every additional one
  • Venomcrawler : 7 power
  • Librarian in Phobos : 6 power
  • Captain in Phobos : 6 power
  • Lieutenant in Phobos : 5 power
  • Eliminator Squad : 3 power
  • Suppressor Squad : 5 power
  • Infiltrator Squad : 5 power

Warhammer 40,000: Shadowspear – First of the Vanguard

 Présentation du nouveau personnage pour cette boite: 
Le capitaine Acheran
The First of the Vanguard 

Les Space Marines de la Strike Force Vanguard Space Shadowspear sont originaires de la 2e compagnie des Ultramarines et ont combattu avec un honneur distingué aux côtés de Roboute Guilliman lui-même à la pointe de la croisade Indomitus. Le capitaine Acheran - un chef rusé et décisif dont les actions lui ont valu de nombreux honneurs de bataille - a été choisi par Marneus Calgar pour mener l'enquête secrète de Nemendghast.