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ShadowSpear: Quelques Leaks

Quelques photos d'unités de la futur nouvelle boite : ShadowSpear 

Maj: 03/03/2019



Un copier-coller des sources anglaises:

Rules for Shadowsword units.
Hey there everybody! So I got to look at the rules for Shadowspear early. I don't want to post the actual pictures of the rules, as to not trace them back to my source that sent them to me, but I do have some info.
Chaos side :
1 Master of possession (HQ) : Basically just a sorceror that knows 2 powers. Has 5++ save for being daemonkin
2 Greater possessed (Elite) : squads of 1-2, can separate after deploying together. S5, T5, W5, A5, give +1S to all friendly <Mark of Chaos> <Legion> Daemon units within 6".
1 Squad of Chaos Space Marines (Troops) : 1 champion with axe, 4 with bolters, 3 with chainsword and bolt pistols, 1 with plasma gun, 1 with autocannon. No ability to switch out what's in there, so I assume they're monopose. The heavy bolter rumor picture might actually be for havocs? Not sure.
Obliterators (Heavy Support) : T5 now with 4 wounds. Fleshmetal guns are the same stats, but now have 6 shots instead of 4. They also now have Crushing Fists. S+1, AP-1, D3 damage. I assume there will be 3, since squad size is still 3.
1 Venomcrawler (Heavy Support) : 10 wounds, S6 (goes down to 5 and 4 per bracket). Armed with Excruciator Cannon (Assault D3, S+2, AP-2, D3 damage) and Eviscerating Claws (S+2, AP-3 and 3 damage), as well as Soulflayer Tendrils (S user, AP-2, 2 damage, does 2 additional attacks with this weapon). Blows up on a 5 and adds 1 to daemonic summoning rolls for Master of Possession within 6".
Space Marines :
Librarian in Phobos Armour (HQ) : Librarian that can set up anywhere more than 9" away from enemy deployment zone and models. Also has a camo cloak, which adds 2 to saving throws in cover.
Captain in Phobos Armour (HQ) : Same as Librarian, but is a captain. Armed with Master-Crafted Instigator Bolt-Carbine (what a mouthful). S4, AP-2, 2 damage, can target characters even if they're not the closest. Has combat knife too, same as Reivers.
Lieutenant in Phobos Armour (HQ) : Same as above. Has Master-Crafted Occulus Bolt Carbine, S4, AP0, D2, units don't get cover saves against it. Also has combat knife.
Eliminator Squad (Heavy Support) : Squad of 3 . They have bolt sniper rifles, two different ammo types. Both are heavy 1, 36" and S4. Executionner rounds are AP-2, D3 damage and rolls of 6 do mortal wounds. Mortis rounds are AP-1, 1 damage, can target units that aren't visible, they don't get cover and add 2(!) to hit rolls with these rounds. Also have the abilities of the librarian.
Infiltrator Squads (Troops) : Squad of 5, can have up to 10 with an Infiltrator Helix Adept. Armed with Marksman Bolt Carbine, Rapid Fire 1, S4, AP0, 1 damage. Each unmodified hit of 6 does an instant hit and wound. Helix Adept is basically an apothecary, it can heal or revive a model from the unit.
Suppressor Squad (Fast Attack) : Squad of 3, can deep strike with the grav-chutes. 12" movement. They have Accelerator Autocannons, heavy 2, S7, AP-2, 2 damage. Also, when they kill a model in a unit, that unit can't shoot until the end of the turn (so I guess it cancels out overwatch?).
That's all I have. I can give more specifics if anybody likes for statlines. I don't have points values, I'm afraid, but I do have power levels.
EDIT : Title is supposed to say Shadowspear, not Shadowsword. My bad.
EDIT 2 : Just noticed, Fleshmetal weapons are Assault 6, not Assault 4!
EDIT 3 : My source was really insistent on me not sharing pictures, to not trace it back to them. But I convinced them to let me share the pic of the Chaos Space Marines datasheet (the most boring one, I know). But here it is! *Now includes Suppressor datasheet, because they're awesome.

Ensuite quelques points des unités:

  • Master of Possession : 5 power
  • Greater Possessed : 4 power, +4 for the second one
  • Obliterators : 6 power for 1, +6 for every additional one
  • Venomcrawler : 7 power
  • Librarian in Phobos : 6 power
  • Captain in Phobos : 6 power
  • Lieutenant in Phobos : 5 power
  • Eliminator Squad : 3 power
  • Suppressor Squad : 5 power
  • Infiltrator Squad : 5 power

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